Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis

Titanium Base Zirconia Hybrid


Our zirconia hybrids retain clinically verified attainment and furnish superior strength and functionality for edentulous patients. This hybrid comprises the All-on-4 treatment procedure, which uses only four implants to benefit an instantly loaded full-arch prosthesis. The restoration will not stain like conventional acrylic dentures and will require little maintenance.


We firmly believe that the materials and procedures are essential for performing the treatment. However, certain undertakings in terms of materials have to be considered. It is also vital to have descriptive and beneficial knowledge about the treatment.

  • Excellent wear resistanceWe are the one that utilized the zirconia hybrid only of superior wear resistance. It is durable and robust.

  • High-End TechnologyWe only employ cutting-edge technology for our treatment procedure because we believe in quality over everything.

  • Prominent ProcessWe use the best process in making hybrid products that provide natural-looking aesthetics.

  • Extreme resilienceWe know how to cater according to the requirements of the patients. Our zirconia hybrid has a high level of stability.

  • Strong durabilityWe only develop a product that caters to robust durability and long-lasting effect. Making a material, especially for teeth, has to be only robust material.

  • Prime MaterialsZirconia is a sort of ceramic or, more precisely, a zirconium oxide that’s more durable than porcelain and other metal alloys.

Who Should Go For Zirconia?

Today, patients prefer zirconia because zirconia are both firm and have a lifelike appearance. When recovering a single tooth, some dentists utilize zirconia or all-ceramic restorations. For dental crowns, zirconia offers exceptional strength and durability. Zirconia can survive wear and tear without chipping, so zirconia restorations can withstand bruxism and intense chewing. This type of crown is practically unbreakable and built to survive the severe environment. A zirconia crown won’t help your natural tooth grow back to health, but it will prevent additional decay and improve the damaged tooth’s appearance.


Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis

Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis

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