a better lab experience is a good day at work.

a better lab experience is a good day at work.

Who is Oral Architect?

Oral Architect dental lab is the fastest-growing South-Florida-based dental lab which started as a small-inhouse dental office way back in 2013. The lab is well managed by experienced working dentists. With continuous appreciation, consistent efforts, and striving to reach top-level standards, the small family-owned lab has grown into a full-fledged commercial lab in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We want to create a dentist-friendly lab with a team of technicians who understand a dentist’s needs. We also want to ensure local dentists can comfortably talk to our founders when they get stuck in any case. Since a dentist can always understand the need and pulse of a dentist, we can help the local dentists overcome the challenges of conventional dental procedures and adopt high-end methods.

We also want to have technological advancements in our processes using expensive drilling and milling pieces of machinery. For example, we want to grow our dental lab nationwide. For Oral Architect, quality is of foremost importance, where every single dental device is crafted with accuracy, employing the best quality materials. All of the products designed in our labs go through multiple levels of quality checking only by knowledgeable dentists.

Our Mission Statement

At Oral Architect, our mission is always to grow into a more trusted dental house.

We strive to have high attention to details and extremely tailored services to cater to our dentists’ needs.

Excellent customer service is one of our primary missions.

We strive to break the old schools of dental treatment, which often comes with flaws and dangerous failures.

We aim to explain to the local dentists about the high-end dental treatment patterns like Multilayer Zirconia.

We also aim to make the local dentists aware of the top-class patented products like Rosen’s screw.

We aim to ensure that every result is precisely estimated and results are always accurate.

Our mission is to ensure every dentist should get access to high-end technologies.

We want to equip local dentists with technologically advanced dental procedures.

We want to improve every single day through research and development.

Our mission is to make high-end quality dentistry reach every corner of the dental industry.