Flexible Partials

Flexible Partials are the perfect solution for replacing a single tooth or a few teeth instead of a full set of teeth. These dentures are made from a soft and flexible resin and have a flexible metal clasp that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Since they are not rigid, they usually last long and help preserve your remaining teeth’s health. Flexible Partials are much easier to adjust than conventional dentures that are usually rigid.


Flexible Partials are your best option since, besides being comfortable and light, they last longer and retain the good health of your remaining teeth.

  • More Durable These dentures last longer than other dentures and are less prone to breakage since they are not rigid.

  • Comfortable for Patients As flexible partial dentures are more flexible and lightweight, most patients find them comfortable.

  • Preserve Other Teeth One excellent benefit of Flexible Partials is that they help preserve the health of your remaining teeth and also prevent them from shifting.

  • Easier to Adust Compared to traditional, rigid dentures, they are a lot easier to adjust inside your mouth. This is why most dentists recommend them.

  • No staining worries Flexible Partials resist staining much better than other dentures and are less prone to discoloration.

Why Choose Flexible Partials?

Flexible Partials are ideal for you if you have only a few damaged or missing teeth, and the rest of your teeth are in optimum condition. WIth Flexible Partials, you can quickly restore your beautiful smile and that too at an affordable price. Moreover, you will not experience any discomfort in wearing them as they are flexible, lightweight, and easily adjustable. It is also a cost-effective option since these dentures usually last for long periods. In the case of Flexible Partials, chances of allergic reactions are minimal. Moreover, as you can get them customized to your needs, they fit perfectly and need no further adjustments.




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