Metal Partials

Our Metal Partials are created and made using advanced CAD/CAM technology. We use industrial 5-axis milling machines for milling the partials after their digital designs are ready. We mill the frames in Titanium is not prone to porosity and therefore less vulnerable to breakage. After milling, it is seated by hand to the master cast, following which it goes through a biocompatible and automated polishing process. All these advanced processes ensure the best fit for patients.


Our Metal Partials provide patients with premium denture teeth that are long-lasting and less vulnerable to wear and tear.

  • Excellent Titanium frame Titanium is known for superior fatigue strength and longer retention and will last for extended periods as it is less prone to breakages.

  • Precise FitThe accurate CAD/CAM technology used to design the partials provides patients with the best fit possible. 

  • Safe for patients Since Titanium is reputed for its hypoallergenic properties is an excellent choice for patients vulnerable to allergies.

  • Feels lighter Titanium is comparatively lighter than other metals like chrome-cobalt alloys, thereby providing patients with greater comfort with its weightless feel.

  • No discomfort for patients The advanced digital designing and manufacturing process ensures patients a perfect fit with no need to spend long periods in the chair for adjustment.

Why Choose Our Metal Partials?

Most doctors recommend going for our Metal Partials because of their excellent strength and durability. They are designed using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies, ensuring patients get the most accurate fits, needing no bothersome adjustments later on. The precision obtained due to CAD/CAM technology does away with the need for metal casting. Titanium, known for its strength and durability, is the better alternative when compared to other metals that can suffer breakages.




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