Guard Splint

Our Guard splints are the most prescribed by dentists for patients to provide them relief from the pain and grinding related to bruxism. They are the best defense against further damage to healthy dentition. These splints are 3D-printed hard splints created using a modified composite material that self-adjusts to provide the most comfortable fit to patients.


The self-adjusting Guard splints are known for the superior comfort they provide due to their perfect fit and the protection they provide to other healthy teeth.

  • Excellent Protection for Teeth The comfortable Guard Splint safeguards the patients’ teeth against the damage caused due to clenching at night and during stress.

  • Provides A Perfect FitThese Guard splints are made to self-adjust and fit the patient’s mouth comfortably when worn thereby giving the highest customer comfort. 

  • Keeps Patients Happy It is a favorite splint for patients as it is patient-specific and fits snugly, protecting the existing teeth and dental restorations as well.

  • No Methacrylate Methacrylate has not been used in this splint, which makes this product safe with no fear of allergic reactions in patients.

  • Recommended by Dentists It is the most prescribed splint, especially for people with implants, crowns, bridges, or dentures, since it counters the effects of clenching and bruxing habits.

Why Go For Guard Splints?

In recent times, Guard Splints have become popular as they help relieve pain and other symptoms common in patients with bruxism. Additionally, Guard splints act as a shield that protects your existing healthy teeth and prevents further damage. The self-adjusting Guard splints are a boon for patients since they provide ultimate comfort and fit comfortably inside their mouths. The guard provides a secure protection layer inside your mouth, keeping you snug and comfortable. The materials will soften when in contact with hot water and mold perfectly around your teeth. This is a splint patients would not mind wearing since it does provide any kind of discomfort.




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