Milled & Conventional Dentures

Digitally Milled PMMA Dentures

Most dentists prefer digitally designed and milled PMMA Dentures as they are affordable for patients and offer many valuable advantages. Due to the advanced digital methods used to make these dentures with CAD/CAM technology, there is greater accuracy in design. Moreover, cutting-edge technology allows production to happen at a much better speed. Hence, digitally-milled PMMA dentures are far better in quality than those made using conventional methods. Studies show that the physical properties of these digital PMMA dentures show greater impact strength than that of traditional PMMA dentures. Moreover, the saved digital design of the dentures allows quick and easy replacements when required in the future.


Digitally Milled PMMA Dentures, with their excellent impact and flexural strength, and aesthetic design, have become the dentist’s favourites.

  • Greater Strength Digital PMMA dentures display greater flexural and impact strength than conventional PMMA dentures.

  • Better Aesthetics These dentures are lightweight and aesthetically better in terms of design than traditional dentures.

  • They fit perfectly The digital design ensures that these dentures blend into the oral cavity of the patients without causing discomfort.

  • Long-lasting material Digital dentures made of PMMA last long as they can withstand more pressure and are less prone to wear and tear.

  • More comfort for patients Due to the digital process, the patients require only fewer visits to the dentist and far lesser adjustments.

Why Choose Digitally Milled PMMA Dentures?

Digital Milled PMMA Dentures are excellent solutions to bring back smiles and restore the confidence of patients suffering from chronic tooth problems. The revolutionary PMMA material and advanced digital technology ensure accurate, aesthetic designs and superior durability. Since the computer-aided designing method endows these dentures with a precise fit, further adjustments are not required, saving patients from spending more time in the dentist’s chair. These dentures fit snugs inside the patient’s oral cavity and provide better comfort than conventional dentures.


Milled & Conventional Dentures

Milled & Conventional Dentures

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