Implant Crowns & Bridge

Custom Abutments

When screw-retained abutments aren’t possible, custom abutments are an excellent option. Each abutment is tailored to improve the emergence profile and provide adequate support for the implant crown. Custom Abutments are one of the most versatile tools in dentistry, and their utility has been demonstrated in several research.


We know that high custom abutments implant restoration survival rates have increasing with the numerous product advantage it offers like customization, supreme aesthetics and is FDA approved. We design different custom abutment designs with novel implant materials ensuring the best durability and longevity.

  • Customization Feature We aim to develop a product that sites exactly to all the types, such as the unique emergence profiles to each patient.

  • Manageable Points We take special care of all the points like the Placement of patient-specific margins in our product ensuring patients comfort 

  • Formulation Design We aim to design the Custom Abutment with crown support that is optimally constructed. It is very much important for the restoration.

  • Prominent Esthetic We create only the best option with a high aesthetic value. This is a great aid for any dental restoration as it is customizable.

  • FDA-approved We possess a good quality material as it is recognized by FDA and has passed all the required assessments by FDA.

Why Should You Go For Custom Abutment?

Custom abutments can compensate for implant implantation offset or slanted while maintaining the anatomical contour. The abutment is custom-made for the patient and is designed to fit the natural tooth that is being replaced. Custom abutments are made to match the crown of a natural tooth while also following the curvature of the gums and soft tissues.


Implant Crowns & Bridge

Implant Crowns & Bridge

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