Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis

Acrylic Hybrid

Our acrylic hybrid is entirely digitally developed. Denture teeth and the risk of their “popping off” are no longer a matter of concern. After the VDO has been established, all cases are checked for function and aesthetics using a digitally formulated printed try-in device. To offer optimal tooth support, we design the bar and teeth simultaneously. The teeth are machined out of a multi-layered PMMA material. We excel in making the best product.


We have formulated all digital technology and the finest methods to do the whole procedure of the Acrylic Hybrid. And we are fully assured of the quality and materials used in the formulation of Acrylic Hybrid.

  • Verified Product We verify the device for its usage, functionality, and aesthetics before making restoration for the patient

  • Multiple Suitable We have been working on Milled Teeth and PMMA Teeth. Make sure it doesn’t “pop” as denture teeth do making it suitable.

  • Prominent Composition We have made the Acrylic Hybrid with Gingiva Composite helps in reducing the odor and discoloration of the gums.

  • Design Quality We have made the In-House Milled Bar that helps in reducing the turnaround time and increases the overall design quality.

  • USA-Based We have the Acrylic Hybrid made in the United States of America, giving a location advantage in easy access and availability.

Why Should You Go For Acrylic Hybrid?

Acrylic dentures are less expensive and lighter than zirconia dentures. However, they are also long-lasting. Dentures made of acrylic have been around the longest, and while they can chip, they are easy to fix. They will not wear down any natural teeth in the opposing jaw. It is digitally developed and primarily high-quality materials are used to formulate the Acrylic Hybrid.


Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis

Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis

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